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Q: How can I run Shelly Scanner?

A: To run the application:

  1. after downloading the zip file from the link in the download section;
  2. unzip the file on the disk;
  3. Double click the shellyscan-0.x.x.jar file or open a terminal window and digit the following command:
    java -jar <full path>\shellyscan-x.x.x.jar
    (see further for Mac - OS X).

Q: Why Shelly Scanner doesn't run? (1)

A: To run Shelly Scanner you need to have Java jre 8 or higher installed.
To find out if the jre is already installed on your computer and in which version you can open a terminal and execute the command: java -version; if the result is an error message probably the jre is not installed, otherwise you can read a message containing the version.
You can download the jre for free from here:

D: Why Shelly Scanner doesn't run? (2 - Windows)

R: Shelly Scanner should run with a simple double click on the file with the "jar" extension shellyscan-x.x.x.jar; sometimes the association between jar and jre (java runtime environment) disappears; in this case you can install the jre again or use a tool such as jarfix to restore the correct association.

Q: Why Shelly Scanner doesn't run? (3 - OS X)

A: To run Shelly Scanner on OS X you must create a text file (ASCII) inside the folder obtained unzipping the compressed downloaded file containing the following line java -jar /Applications/ShellyScanApp/shellyscan-x.x.x.jar, make the file executable running the command chmod 755 <created file name> from the terminal. Move the folder to Applications and then run the created file with any permissions the OS may require.

Q: Is Java (jre) already installed on my computer? Which version?

A: Write the following command on terminal: java -version; if an error occurs probably java is not installed, otherwise you will get a message showing the current version. Shelly Scanner requires version 8 or later.

Q: Why Shelly Scanner can't find my devices (1)?

A: Give java the permissions to access the network (this request will be made only at the first run).

Q: Why Shelly Scanner can't find my devices (2 - Windows)?

A: Verify that the network is configured as "private". After changing this setting, in some cases, it is necessary to restart the operating system.

Q: Why Shelly Scanner can't find my devices (3)?

A: Your devices could not be connected to the same network to which the computer is connected. In this case it please configure the application so that it performs "full scan" from the configuration dialog (Warning: this option will be valid only at the next application run).
Alternatively, you can run the application from the terminal with the following command line: java -jar <full path>\shellyscan-x.x.x.jar -fullscan which ignores the currently set configuration.

Q: Why Shelly Scanner can't find my devices (4)?

A: If the devices connect to a separate network (it is, for example, the case of a subnet dedicated to home automation devices) it is necessary to set the "scan by IP" option which, however, inhibits the discovery of some battery-powered Shellyes such as Button 1, Flood or D&W.

Q: May I send reports of malfunctions?

A: For information, comments or reports please send messages to the following e-mail address: