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Shelly Scanner

Shelly Scanner is an application aimed at monitoring and managing many IoT devices of the Shelly family. It provides an instant overview of all devices connected to the same network to which the computer is connected. The dashboard provides information such as wi-fi signal strength, cloud status, time elapsed since the last reboot (uptime), internal temperature (for devices providing it) and meters values; it also allows to control the devices. Other useful functions, such as backup and restore of devices configuration, can then be accessed through the toolbar.

Appearance may change depending on version and OS.
Firmware update dialog.
Device details (json).

The use of Shelly Scanner should be quite intuitive however there are some details that may be not clear at a first glance, so I have prepared a synthetic manual.

Currenlty the following devices are supported:

  • Shelly 1 (also with addon)
  • Shelly 1L
  • Shelly 1pm (also with addon)
  • Shelly 2
  • Shelly 2.5
  • Shelly RGBW2
  • Shelly Dimmer (1/2)
  • Shelly I3
  • Shelly EM
  • Shelly 3EM
  • Shelly UNI
  • Shelly Plug
  • Shelly Plug S
  • Shelly Bulb
  • Shelly Duo
  • Shelly Duo RGB
  • Button 1
  • Motion
  • Shelly D&W (1/2)
  • Shelly Flood
  • Shelly H&T
  • Shelly Plus 1
  • Shelly Plus 1PM
  • Shelly Plus 2PM
  • Shelly Plus i4
Also devices not specifically supported are found and managed, albeit partially, by the application.

The application is executable on any operating system as long as a valid version of the Java jre (version 8 or higher) is installed.

Devices, which are found and identified automatically, must be connected to the same local area network (LAN) to which the computer running the application is connected.

Since the application communicates with the devices through the API made available by the manufacturer, it cannot damage them in any way.
About Backup/Restore of the devices configuration, it should be noted that not all parameters are restored; moreover is not guaranteed that the restore process does not alter parameters in an unforeseen way (I perform tests on my devices but the variants are probably many thousands).

The application may not fully work with devices whose firmware is not updated.

To run the application:
  1. download the zip file from the link on this page;
  2. unpack the file on the disk;
  3. Run (double click) the shellyscan-0.x.x.jar file or open a terminal window and digit the following command:
    java -jar <full path>\shellyscan-x.x.x.jar
    To run on OS X you must create a text file (ASCII) inside the folder obtained after step 2 containing the following line java -jar /Applications/ShellyScanApp/shellyscan-0.x.x.jar, make the file executable running the command chmod 755 <created file name> from the terminal. Move the folder to Applications and then run the created file with any permissions the OS may require.
Warning: java jre version 8 or higher must be installed.
You can download the jre for free from here:

For information, comments or reports please send messages to the following e-mail address:

Shelly Scanner is free and will always be free, however you can support its development with a donation.