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The meaning of the name USNA, actually an acronym, cannot be told; it is a jealously guarded secret by those who know it. The genesis is ancient, it was coined by a group of young (in those years) developers, of which I was a part, who worked for the R&D sector of a large multinational company; the inventor of the acronym was, in fact, one of the brightest among us, stimulated by the dark omens that materialized in the closure of the site where we worked after a few months and the entire company after a few years.
When I started writing software for pleasure, outside the usual work environment, I adopted this name that I am particularly fond of and, after many years, I have finally registered the domain.

By now the only available content are Shelly Scanner and Logo MF. There are two applications, the first one allows you to manage some home automation devices, the second is used to teach the rudiments of coding to boys and girls aged 6 to 12 (at least according to my son ...).
But give me some time and new content will appear soon.

For information, comments or reports please send messages to the following e-mail address:

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