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Stable version v. 0.7.0 (2021-11-21)
Stable version v. 0.7.2 (2021-12-13)
  • Fixed a bug that stopped the refresh process for a device when it was restarted (reboot or fw update);
  • Fixed a bug that caused the request for credentials for each device with configured login even if the credentials were the same;
  • The adaptation of the application to second generation devices continues; restricted login now works;
  • It is now possible to define the refresh period (in seconds) for the status; configuration refresh is separately definible (you can choose how many status updates occours before the configuration is updated);
  • Code optimization.
Beta version v. 0.7.2a beta
  • Support for Shelly Bulb added;
  • The adaptation of the application to second generation devices continues; is now available firmware update dialog;
  • The adaptation of the application to second generation devices continues; is now available wi-fi client backup dialog;
  • Modified calls schedule to reduce devices load;
  • Code optimization.
Stable version v. 0.7.2b
  • Solved a bug recently introduced on Button1;
  • The adaptation of the application to second generation devices continues; are now available wi-fi client backup and restricted login panels.
Stable version v. 0.7.2d
  • Full support for 1 plus and 1PM plus.
Stable version v. 0.7.3
Stable version v. 0.7.4 (2022-03-01)
  • GUI - rows filtere;
  • GUI - customization: the application remembers the position of the columns and it is also possible to choose which columns to display;
  • Scripts management (only G2 devices);
  • Improved logs visualization (only G2 devices);
  • Support for Shelly 3EM;
  • Small graphic changes and code optimization.
Stable version v. 0.8.0 (2022-04-04)
  • New "Measurements" column;
  • "copy hostname" and "copy mac address" on the contextual menu;
  • Copy (ctrl-C) of a single selected cell is now working as expected;
  • New SSID column (I know most of us have a single SSID and it seems useless, but it was asked by someone who obviously has a "complicated" network; in any case note that you can choose which columns to display);
  • Improvements on the "fw update" module;
  • Improved "restore" for EM and 3EM.
Stable version v. 0.8.1 (2022-05-21)
  • New "MAC" column;
  • Addon support on Shelly 1/1PM (see "Measures") and addon restore;
  • Improved sliders: realtime update of corresponding value label.
  • Improved support for the switch add-on on Shelly 1/1PM;
  • Fixed a bug that in some cases prevented the configuration of MQTT parameters for multiple first generation devices at the same time;
  • Fixed a bug due to which in rare occasions the restore of some initially empty parameters would write "null";
  • Restore now includes, if configured, the resticted login (in this case the appcication asks for the password);
  • Restore now includes wi-fi 1 parameters if the device is not connected to wi-fi 1 (asks for the password);
  • Restore now includes wi-fi 2 parameters if the device is not connected to wi-fi 2 (asks for the password);
  • Restore now, recovering the MQTT parameters, asks for the password if previously set;
  • Minor graphic improvements and code optimization;
  • Added link for download on " About" dialog [?].
Version v. 0.8.2 (2022-06-11)
  • Shelly plus 2PM now supported;
  • New MQTT column (enabled/disabled);
  • New "Source" column; this information was previously visible as tooltip of "Command"; it is still there only if "Source" is not configured as visible;
  • When adding a new column (previously not visible) from the settings dialog, the application tries now to put it in a logical position;
  • Credentials for "restricted login" can now be stored in the application settings (Warning the password is not securely saved);
  • The default scan mode (for new users) is now "full scan";
  • The window showing devices details has now a new "Refresh" button;
  • Backup progress shown on status bar (bottom-left);
  • Restore improvement: new parameters and bug fixes;
  • Small graphical improvements and code optimization.
Version v. 0.8.3 (alpha 2022-06-22; stable 2022-07-02)
  • Shelly Motion support;
  • Configuration details (json) available for supported battery operated devices even when offline;
  • Backup for supported battery operated devices even when they are offline (only if the required data is available: currently Button 1 or other devices if configuretion was previously read by "full device info");
  • Improvement of the application settings dialog (on close the initial configuration of the table is restored);
  • GUI enhancement for users with over 35 devices;
  • Bugs fixed.
Version v. 0.8.4 (beta 2022-07-13; stable 2022-08-19)
  • Shelly H&T support;
  • Improved Shelly Motion support;
  • Partial Shelly i4 support;
  • New visual mode (detailed view) [+] and specific configuration;
  • org.jmdns library update to last version;
  • Bugs fixed.
Version v. 0.8.5 (alpha 2022-09-05; stable 2022-09-24)
  • Full Shelly i4 support;
  • Network scan by IP;
  • "Application Settings" dialog Redesigned;
  • Sorting by IP based on bytes (previously it was alphabetical);
  • CLI parameter -ipscan;
  • Fixed a bug related to some displayed values in the MQTT parameter management section for G2 devices;
  • Minor bugs fixed;
  • Code optimization.
Version v. 0.8.6 (alpha 2022-10-06; beta 2022-10-25; stable 2022-11-04)
  • Input status shown;
  • Improvement on "device settings" dialog: selection buttons and counters (FW update);
  • Improvement on "device settings" dialog: "Copy" for wi-fi and mqtt parameters transfer from a different device;
  • Ctrl-S now cycles through the combo items on the status bar (main window - bottom);
  • Libraries update.
Version v. 0.8.7 (alpha 2022-11-26; beta 02/12/2022)
  • New Configuration checklist Dialog ([V] button on toolbar);
  • New WI-FI1 panel
  • Improved WI-FI2 and Firmware update panels;
  • Script restore for G2 devices (from scripts dialog);
  • MQTT column now with double value enabled/connected;
  • New parameters on MQTT management for G2 devices.